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Success Story Couple #1212 | Julie Ferman Associates

Yep, you read that right, Jack and Liana are Number 1,212! Gil and I started keeping track of Success Story Couples way back in 1990. Love happens all the time!

Advice & Self-Help | dating, relationships

YOU Get To Help Julie Ferman Play Matchmaker! | Julie Ferman Associates

Who do YOU know (in Southern CA or New Mexico), who's single at the moment and who would MUCH rather be in love? They might even be whining about it …

Advice & Self-Help | dating, relationships

Should You Meet With Julie Ferman For a Dating Consultation? | Julie Ferman Associates

If you ponder upon a matchmaking or dating consultation with Julie Ferman, LA dating coach, this article explains why you should meet her.

Advice & Self-Help | dating, relationships

Should Julie Be My Matchmaker? | Julie Ferman Associates

Could you and I make magic together? Am I the right matchmaker for you? Let's find out.

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker | Jlife

An old Jewish tradition becomes new.