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Invented in Israel, no-needle blood test will blast off for testing in space

Handheld device gathers data by scanning blood vessels in eye, sends results directly to doctors; is due to leave Earth for International Space Station in October

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Nvidia uses federated learning to create medical imaging AI | VentureBeat

Nvidia is applying federated learning to medical imaging, a way to protect patient privacy without the need to remove data from hospital servers or devices.

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One Israeli Researcher Is Outsmarting HIV To Cure AIDS

Given the limitations of existing drugs, an Israeli researcher at the Technion proposes a new strategy to tackle the virus.

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Study: Placenta cells could reverse stroke damage | The Times of Israel

Israeli biotech company Pluristem says its PLX technology could potentially treat and repair damaged nerves...

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Israel Prize For Orthodox Female Holocaust Survivor Who Pioneered Breakthrough Alzheimer's Drug | Health News

This year's winner of the Israel Prize for Medicine is professor Marta Weinstock-Rosin, who developed the first and only FDA-approved skin patch to treat

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Israeli Neurosurgery Helps World-Renowned Violinist Regain Ability to Play!

JNS.org – Israeli neurosurgeons at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center helped former world-renowned violinist Naomi Elishuv overcome hand tremors to regain the ability to perform, in a remarkable surgery that had Elishuv playing Mozart while they opera

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Medical dilemma of 'three-parent babies': Fertility clinic investigates health of 17 teenagers it helped to be conceived through controversial IVF technique

A private fertility clinic in the United States has launched an investigation into the health of 17 teenagers who were born as a result of a controversial IVF technique that produced the world’s first “three-parent” embryos more than 15 years ago, T

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Revolutionary hologram-guided heart surgery is a heartbeat away

Israel’s RealView Imaging 3D technology, featured on 'Grey’s Anatomy,' brings science fiction to the actual operating rooms of tomorrow.

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12 Breakthroughs Of Israeli Tech That Make The World Better Every Day

Did you know that Israel has the most dense start-up per capita in the world? That's right — one amazing start-up for every 100 people! These innovations are creating a global footprint t...

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FDA Approves 'Star Wars' Robotic Arm for Amputees - NBC News

Handout / ReutersThe Food and Drug Administration has approved the DEKA Arm System, pictured in this Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency han...