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The Full Story Behind the Controversial Rose Garden Redesign | Architectural Digest

From a dearth of crab apple trees to the very issue of roses, the newly unveiled garden has sparked reactions far and wide

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Fact check: Rose Garden redo didn't pull cherry trees, historic roses

First lady Melania Trump did not remove cherry trees and historic roses from the\u00a0White House Rose Garden. The trees are crabapple and were moved.

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Gracious Melania Offers Unifying RNC Speech, In Contrast With Michelle Obama’s Dark DNC Speech

On Tuesday night, First Lady Melania Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention (RNC), offering a unifying, gracious, and inspiring speech to the American people. During the outdoor speech, Mrs. Trump repeatedly praised our nation, thanked the Amer

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Melania Trump: A Quintessential Female Icon.

You couldn’t find a better female icon than First Lady Melania Trump: an immigrant who came to America to flee communism and in pursuit of the American dream. She is beautiful, classy, educated, and fluent in six languages. So why do feminists detes

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What the librarian who rejected Melania Trump’s Dr. Seuss books as ‘racist’ got wrong - The Washington Post

Seuss had issues. But so did a vast array of other authors.

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A physicist has calculated the probability Melania Trump didn't plagiarise her speech - ScienceAlert

A Canadian physicist has calculated that there's only a one-in-87-billion chance that Melania Trump wasn't heavily influenced by Michelle Obama's 2008 speech when she addressed the Republican National Convention last night.

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Melania Trump's Malpractice | National Review

This is simply grotesque political malpractice, bordering on sabotage.