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Recent Study: Gut Microbiome Formula Can Alleviate Long COVID Symptoms | The Epoch Times

Researchers have found that a synbiotic preparation called SIM01, can effectively alleviate post-COVID symptoms and improve gut microbiome imbalance.

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Understanding the Important Relationship Between Your Gut and Your Brain

While the two are housed in different parts of your body, they maintain more than just a historical connection.

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Should we consider the microbiome to be another organ?

In this article, we hear from two researchers whose work focuses on obesity and metabolism. They discuss the microbiome, probiotics, marketing hype, and the future.

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Innovative New Method May Allow Doctors to Target ‘Bad’ Gut Microbes

Our body relies on an ecosystem of microbes in our stomach for good health. But when this microscopic community turns bad, our health suffers.

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How Your Gut Health Affects Your Whole Body

The bacteria found in your gut can be good for your whole body. Find out how.

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C-Section Babies Are Missing Key Microbes

How a baby is born has a profound impact on their microbiome — the community of microbes that colonize the body. That’s the finding of the largest ever study of the newborn microbiome, which offers the strongest evidence yet that children born through

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5 Effective Steps to Better Gut Health

Taking care of the ecosystem of microbes in your stomach will ensure a health immune system and overall well-being.

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Pictures: What Is Your Microbiome?

Trillions of bacteria and other tiny organisms make up your microbiome. Learn about its links to your health and ways you can boost it.

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Pictures of Things That May Live on Your Body

You may try not to think about it, but the truth is there are tiny creatures living all over your body. Learn which ones are OK and which ones are not.

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Eating Lots Of Fruit Can Mess With Your Gut Health, According To Science

Eating your fruits and vegetables has been a staple of health advice for generations. However, if you've been paying attention to health crazes and scares over the past few years, you'll have noted that fruit has come in for some criticism for its…

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How Your Stomach Could Be Impacting Your Sleep | Psychology Today

We’ve learned a staggering amount about the microbiome and its relationship to sleep in recent years.

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What Is Dysbiosis? 7 Signs Your Microbiome Is Out Of Whack

Our bodies contain at least as many bacterial cells as human cells, yet the role of the bacterial cells in our health remains poorly understood. What we do know is that there are bad bacteria that can lead to infections and other health issues, as…

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Dr. Marc Siegel: New peanut allergy treatment has incredible potential | Fox News

As an internal medicine physician I’ve been trained to react quickly and without emotion to many kinds of potentially life-threatening medical conditions. But this training couldn’t prepare me for the recent terrifying sight of my 13-year-old son swel

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Can Dogs Keep Kids from Getting Allergies?

Scientists believe the results say it’s likely that dogs make bacteria in the home and the body more diverse, and therefore help strengthen the immune system.

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Will Probiotics Ever Live Up to the Hype? - The Atlantic

Changing your microbiome takes more than just swallowing a pill full of bacteria.

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When Gut Bacteria Change Brain Function

Some researchers believe that the microbiome may play a role in regulating how people think and feel.

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Are Pets the New Probiotic? - The New York Times

Pets, especially dogs, may have a salutary effect on health because they add to the rich array of microbes in our homes, to the benefit of our immune systems.

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How Your Gut Affects Your Mood

At any given moment, you have somewhere between 10 trillion and 100 trillion microorganisms inhabiting your gut — that’s more microbes in your bowels than ther…