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Pentagon moves to declassify some secret space programs and technologies

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) wants to declassify more space programs in order to boost the nation's military edge in space.

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F-22 Test Pilot Details The Raptor’s Incredible Speed

A chief test pilot on both the F-117 and the F-22, James “JB” Brown III, provides a fascinating inside look at these remarkable stealth jets.

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SpaceX unveils Starshield, a military variation of Starlink satellites

Elon Musk's SpaceX is expanding its Starlink satellite technology into military applications with a new business line called Starshield.

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B-21 Raider Unveiling: A Message to China and Russia? You Bet It Was

The U.S. Air Force rolled out its B-21 Raider stealth bomber for the first time and there was a reason: it was a message to Russia and China.

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Russia Is Arming MiG-31 Fighters with R-37M Hypersonic Missiles for War in Ukraine

The MiG-31 might be an old fighter of the Cold War. But now armed with long-range R-37M missiles, Ukraine is being tested by this old jet.

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B-21: How the Raider Stealth Bomber Could Change Everything

The B-21 will be able to sneak close to China and Russia should it be needed in a future conflict and deliver its munitions with ease.

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Monster Moves: The Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird Somehow Outran 4,000 Enemy Missiles - 19FortyFive

The SR-71 is still the fastest plane on Earth, even though the U.S. military has no use for it anymore. And it made serious history.

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US Space Force's X-37B space plane nears orbital record

The Space Force's X-37B has now been aloft for 773 days, just a week shy of the program record.

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China could recover US stealth fighter jet from South China Sea before US

The U.S. Navy is in a race against China to recover an F-35C Lightning II fighter jet that crashed in the South China Sea on Monday. The $100 million

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The Air Force Secretly Designed, Built, and Flew a Brand-New Fighter Jet

The Air Force has secretly designed, built, and flown a brand-new fighter jet. The mysterious new plane is already breaking records. Here's everything we know.

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New Navy destroyer-fired laser will change maritime war

When the Navy is ready to deploy a new 60kw ship-fired laser weapon from a destroyer later this year, maritime attack strategy and tactics will enter new dimensions of massive warfare on the open seas.

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US F-22s came face-to-face with Russia's top fighter near Alaska and were at a major disadvantage

If a fight were to start during an intercept like the one this week, the Russian pilot would have the huge advantage of having the F-22 in sight. What's more, the Russian Su-35 can maneuver better than the F-22.

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US Army inks $193 million deal to buy Israeli tank defense system

The TROPHY system, in use since 2011, will be supplied by an American company that partnered with Israel's Rafael arms manufacturer

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F-35s in Japan are still losing dogfights to F-15s sometimes — here's why

F-35s focus on stealth, not dogfighting. "If you get into a dogfight with the F-35, somebody made a mistake. It's like having a knife fight in a phone booth."