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Erasing the Negative Narrative Through Mindfulness Practice

The thing about mindfulness practice is that is not magic, or mysterious, or mystical; it is practical and applicable and easy; a ready tool for a more peaceful interior life and it only takes a few minutes a day.

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The Grouchy Girl's Guide To Mindfulness - HOLSTEE

Hi. I am Tylea, Holstee’s resident skeptic. I have a hard time following trends even if they seem like a good idea. I do not read books about the power of [fill in the blank], I will not dump a bucket of ice over my head or rush to the next food craze just because the buyer at my health food mega-store ate something “exotic” on vacation.

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Moptwo - DrEleanor - Mindfulness, Neurobiology, and Children:...

Exercises and strategies for bringing mindfulness into parenting and family life, including some guided exercises you can try yourself.