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Magnesium: The Missing Mineral

Minerals are key to a well-functioning body: Iron helps generate red blood cells; calcium builds bones; the dance ...

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Test Your Vitamin Knowledge -- Benefits of Vitamins Quiz

Discover the benefits of vitamins and test your knowledge in this WebMD quiz. How much do you know about the vitamins you get, and are you getting all the vitamin benefits in your daily food?

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Pictures: Why You Need Zinc

It’s essential for healthy skin, fighting off germs, sexual health for men, and other things. Most of us get enough, but you may not if you don’t eat meat or drink too much alcohol.

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Unique Crystals: Newfound Purple-Pink Mineral Is Like No Other

A new purple-pink mineral that has a chemical composition and crystalline structure unlike any of the known 4,000 minerals has been discovered at a mining site in Western Australia, researchers report. Now called putnisite, the mineral was discovered in a