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Monkeys Filmed Working Together to Save a Juvenile From a Boa Constrictor

Anthropologists from Tulane University have captured incredible footage of capuchin monkeys teaming up to rescue one of their own from the strangling clutches of a Boa constrictor. The video, along...

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Hero monkey revives electrocuted friend

The world has been in need of a superhero monkey, and we may have just found him. A simian in India is being hailed a hero following a harrowing incident at a train station in Kanpur on Dec. 21.

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Shock Tape and Sticks: Delhi Residents Battle Thousands of Terrorizing Monkeys - NBC News

NEW DELHI, India — Madi is a bully. He has three-inch canines that glisten when he snarls.And that’s a good thing, says his owner, Niraj.Madi is a langur — a...