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Netflix Epic on Moses Platforms Biased Scholar Who Expressed Joy on Oct.7

A newly-released Netflix documentary series on the biblical story of Moses has given a platform to an Egyptian scholar who referred to the biblical

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How Moses Saved Egyptian Civilization

Wherever your soul has taken you, there must be something of profound value that you uncovered there.

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Where Did Moses Get His Staff & What Happened to It?

Moses’ staff figures prominently throughout the story of the Exodus from Egypt and our ancestors’ subsequent sojourn in the desert. But Scripture doesn’t tell us the history of the staff.

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17 Facts About Moses Every Jew Should Know

Moses was born in Egypt during the enslavement of the Jews. His parents, Amram and Yocheved, were from the illustrious tribe of Levi.

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How Did the Mission of the Twelve Spies Go So Wrong?

Moses felt that the Israelites had no reason to fear the inhabitants, as they had all seen the great miracles wrought against the much more powerful Egyptians.

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UNPACKED - Moses and the Exodus

UNPACKED – Moses and the Exodus Ever felt there couldn’t be anything to say about Moses than hasn’t already been said? Turns out there’s plenty. That’s why we’re taking another look at this reluctant prophet and unpacking a story that ends

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On Passover, I remember a humble rabbi and his incredible lesson

The essence of Passover, which begins Friday night, isn’t matzah (unleavened bread) or the four cups of wine at the seder meal.