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What It’s Really Like to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

What It’s Really Like to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom - What to expect if you choose to stay at home with your baby -- this article dispels the myths about SAHMs. Get information and advice about life as a new parent at TheBump.com.

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Why Eliminating The Word ‘Mother’ Eliminates Motherhood Itself

If the word for ‘mother’ falls out of fashion or is pushed out of language entirely, will we still be able to form the idea of mother without the word?

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Why Do New Moms Want to Ignore Advice From Seasoned Moms?

As I watch my friends who are new parents transition into the role, I feel full of affection and compassion, followed by a vexing desire to be consulted. But when I was a new mom, I didn’t want to hear advice from more seasoned parents.

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20 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Becoming a Working Mom | Working Mother

Here are 20 things three moms with they had been told to help them prepare for the challenges of being working mothers.

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The Unexpected Loneliness of New Mothers

Loneliness might be the last thing new mothers expect to feel, but it is far more common than we realize.

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A Child Care Gap in the Résumé: Whether to Explain or Not

Though many women follow “don’t ask, don’t tell” when job-seeking after a child care gap, a study says it may be better to explain why they stayed home.

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The Difficult Path to Motherhood – Made Easier

My path to motherhood was….. Difficult. I’ve always wanted to tell the full story of that here on the blog, but haven’t done so yet. But, early May, watch for a series of posts, as we head to Mother’s Day, and my almost 5th year of being a mom. Until then, let’s talk about how difficult it can sometimes be to become a mother.

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Long-Lost Images Show What Hasn't Changed About Motherhood In 50 Years

Buried treasure doesn't always have to be underground. As photographer Ken Heyman discovered, forgotten storage boxes can yield treasure, too. According to Medium, his former agent, Woodfin Camp, requested that he empty his contents from a closing...