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Blood-Soaked Lessons of the Munich Olympics

An image of one of the Palestinian terrorists who took part in the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. …

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Exodus vs. Birth of a Nation: Media Miss Mark on Jewish Self-Determination, Palestinian Nationalism | Honest Reporting

Media should both revise their take on Israel's story and leave the Palestinian tale of eternal violent struggle on the cutting room floor.

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The latest BBC reporting on the Munich Olympics terror attack > CAMERA UK

All but one of five BBC radio and written reports relating to the Munich Olympics massacre carefully avoided the words terror and terrorist.

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Munich Massacre is reminder of worst side of mixing sports and politics

Fifty years on, it is important not only to acknowledge the Munich Massacre, but to learn from it.

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'Germany should send money to families of Munich victims rather than Palestinians'

  Former German parliamentarian Volker Beck proposed a creative idea this week to resolve the crisis regarding the compensation to

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In historic first, Israel Air Force flies above Dachau camp in Germany

A joint drill by the Israeli and German air forces on Tuesday included a historic flyover above the Dachau concentration

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Why is Germany silent on Corbyn’s praise of Munich terrorists?

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel and her Foreign Minister Heiko Maas have remained silent about Corbyn’s 2014 visit to Tunisia to commemorate the Black September Palestinian terrorists.