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10 Things You Need to Know About Your Fretboard | LESSON - GuitarPlayer.com

Ever feel a little out of touch or just plain lost on certain parts of the guitar fingerboard? You’re certainly not alone. Consider this: A standard-tuned,

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Success as an artist: Perseverance or predestined? | My Rick Springfield crush

I went to an open mic earlier this week, one of the most popular ones in town where many talented musicians perform. It was my first time there and besides the local legend running the open mic, I hadn't heard of any of the performers. As I watched them,

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Israeli Neurosurgery Helps World-Renowned Violinist Regain Ability to Play!

JNS.org – Israeli neurosurgeons at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center helped former world-renowned violinist Naomi Elishuv overcome hand tremors to regain the ability to perform, in a remarkable surgery that had Elishuv playing Mozart while they opera