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Exercising At Night Won't Make It Harder To Sleep, Study Finds

Worried a little late night fitness will keep your heart racing into the overnight? Contrary to popular and previous scientific belief, a new study finds that hitting the gym and exercising in the evening has no effect on sleep quality or duration.

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Electric light, particularly at night, disrupts human circadian rhythmicity: is that a problem?

Over the past 3 billion years, an endogenous circadian rhythmicity has developed in almost all life forms in which daily oscillations in physiology occur. This allows for anticipation of sunrise and sunset. This physiological rhythmicity is kept at precis

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Bedroom Light Exposure at Night and the Incidence of Depressive Symptoms: A Longitudinal Study

Abstract. Previous studies have indicated that minimal exposure to light at night (LAN) increases depression risk, even at 5 lux, in nocturnal and diurnal mamm

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The Work We Do While We Sleep

Maria Konnikova writes about recent research on why our brains and bodies need sleep.

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Exodist Photography Blog: Lightroom 5 Night Photography Workflow Basics | Video Tutorial

If you are stepping into the world of Night Photography then you may really want to watch my video tutorial on learning my workflow in Adobe Lightroom. In this video tutorial I will step you through how I edit many of my night photos and hopefully it will