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How American Billionaires Like Phil Knight Pass Wealth to Heirs Tax-Free

Phil Knight is one of many America billionaires giving fortunes to family while avoiding billions in U.S. taxes. Here’s how.

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Here Are The Companies Linked To Forced Uighur Slave Labor

Dozens of companies and brands have been linked to labor forced on Uighur Muslims by the Chinese government, according to multiple reports.

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Video: Uighurs caught on drone footage being boarded onto trains in China

This drone footage believed to be from Xinjiang in China, shows Muslim Uighurs kneeling and blindfolded, waiting to be led onto trains. It is unknown where the trains are heading.

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New Shirt Takes a Direct Shot at Kaepernick and His Hate for the Flag

With an unapologetic flag front and center and the words 'Just Stand For It' right underneath, this new shirt's message is crystal clear.

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Veteran-Owned Apparel Company Has Perfect Response To Nike Dropping American Flag-Style Shoe | Daily Wire

Veteran-owned clothing store, Nine Line Apparel, offered a response to Nike’s controversial move to drop an American Flag-style shoe with their own gear, nodding to the allegedly “offensive” Betsy Ross flag.

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Why Nike's Capitulation To Kaepernick Matters

By bowing to Colin Kaepernick’s objections, Nike is helping to normalize the brittle sensitivities of social justice warriors.

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BREAKING: AZ Gov. Doug Ducey PULLS NIKE’S FINANCIAL INCENTIVE DOLLARS over Kaepernick-Betsy Ross shoe controversy

"We don’t need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation’s history"

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Nike Pulls American Flag Sneaker After Complaint From Colin Kaepernick | Daily Wire

Sometimes being woke just doesn't work out.

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Why I'm boycotting Nike: Get woke and go broke

Nike should understand that sports represents the best of America, not the loudest and most divisive protester.

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Nike, Under Armour, Adidas spurn deal with Ball

Nike, Under Armour and Adidas are not interested in completing a deal with potential top pick Lonzo Ball, his father LaVar confirmed.

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How Nike Brilliantly Ruined Olympic Marketing Forever – Adweek

Unless you happen to be a company like GE, Coca-Cola or McDonald's—a brand that can afford the reported $100 million to $200 million it costs to be an official Olympic sponsor—you'd better not mention the Rio games in your marketing.

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Nike Wimbledon Dress Reportedly Recalled for Being Too Revealing

Players at Wimbledon wearing Nike's “Premier Slam” dress have reportedly been asked to return it for alterations because it didn’t cover enough skin.

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Converse Redesigned Its Iconic Chucks for the First Time in 98 Years

Some would consider it as sacrilegious as when Coke dabbled with its classic formula back in the 80s, but after 98 years Converse has updated its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars. On the outside they look nearly identical, but on the inside the Chuck II is a

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LeBron James losing the NBA Finals made a great Nike ad

Generally when you're a gigantic billion dollar company, you would prefer to affiliate yourself with winners.

However, when you pay LeBron James a ton of money and he loses in the NBA Finals, you can still make it work.

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Nike stops selling Peterson jerseys; Budweiser sends strong message to NFL | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: A day after Radisson hotels decided to suspend its limited sponsorship with the team following the decision to reactivate Peterson on Monday, Nike said it will stop selling Adrian Peterson jerseys in the Twin Cities and Budweiser issued