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Lifeguard Luke Shepardson wins Hawaii surfing "Super Bowl"

HONOLULU (AP) — Luke Shepardson was declared the winner in one of the world’s most prestigious and storied surfing contests held in Hawaii over the weekend for the first time in seven years. Shepardson was declared the winner Sunday of The Eddie Aikau

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Stand up paddle (SUP) and surfing


Sports | Surfing/SUPing

James Casey SUP: Sunset 2016

El Nino 2016 was a special time. James Casey managed to spend a few weeks over in Hawaii around the Stand Up World Tour's Sunset Beach Pro and scored some great…

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North Shore Bike Park at Turtle Bay

The new Turtle Bay bike trails are fun for families and experienced riders. And for more advanced riders, they also have a pump track next to the Hele Huli A...