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Slideshow: How to Prevent Fractures if You Have Osteoporosis

WebMD explains in this slideshow how you can prevent falls and fractures if you have osteoporosis.

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Big Pharma Invented These Diseases To Sell Drugs (Osteoporosis Is One Of Them)

Let’s say you’ve invented a new gadget and you want to manufacture and sell it. Only problem is, it does something that nobody needs. There was a point in history,

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Adults with cerebral palsy at higher risk for osteoporosis

(HealthDay)—Cerebral palsy (CP) is associated with an increased risk for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, according to a study published in the August issue of Bone.

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Osteoporosis: Effects of Bone Fractures

When you have osteoporosis, the effects of a bone fracture go beyond the initial pain and discomfort. Learn about the most common fractures and how they might affect your life.

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Osteoporosis Guide in Pictures: Brittle Bones, Treatments, and More

Osteoporosis is a serious condition that can lead to painful bone fractures. Find out from WebMD who gets osteoporosis, how to tell if you have it, how to prevent it, and effective treatment options.

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Osteoporosis Quiz: What Can You Do to Keep Your Bones Healthy?

WebMD Quiz: The right diet and exercise are key to healthy bones. Find out what you can do in this WebMD quiz about osteoporosis.

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12 Minutes of Yoga for Bone Health - The New York Times

Dr. Loren M. Fishman of Columbia University has been gathering evidence for years, hoping to determine whether yoga might be effective therapy for osteoporosis.