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Parkinson’s Expert Stuns MSNBC Host with On-Air Biden Diagnosis

In an interview that left viewers and an MSNBC host reeling, Dr. Tom Pitts, a neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s disease, delivered an unexpected and explosive on-air diagnosis of Joe Biden. The candid assessment came during a segment meant to discus

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You can smell when someone's sick—here's how

The curious case of a woman who can smell Parkinson’s reminds us our noses are our first defense against illness.

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Fixing weak electric current in part of brain may treat Parkinson’s -- Israeli lab

University of Haifa scientist says her peer-reviewed study could open up a new approach to fighting the disease, enable detection when people are young

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Israeli-Developed Molecules Could ‘Significantly Delay’ Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

An image of mitochondria in cow cells, stained bright yellow for visualization. Photo: Torsten Wittmann, University of California, San Francisco …

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A Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson's Is Inspiring New Research Into Diagnosis : Shots - Health News : NPR

Years before he got diagnosed with Parkinson's, Joy Milne noticed her husband's characteristic scent had changed. The discovery that she could smell his illness has opened up a new field of research.

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Michael J. Fox plans ‘second retirement’ as health declines. More revelations from his book

In "No Time Like the Future," Michael J. Fox opens up about the progression of his Parkinson's disease, painful moments and his message of hope.

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Parkinson's researchers warn of possible swimming hazards connected to deep brain stimulation

Neurologists specializing in Parkinson's disease are concerned about the possible risk of drowning for patients with deep brain stimulation implants following a recent study.

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Israel researchers develop MRI technique to detect molecular changes in brain | The Times of Israel

Math model developed by Hebrew University team could pave the way for physicians to see beginnings of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's

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Israeli startup uses ultrasound waves to reduce Parkinson’s tremors | The Times of Israel

Tirat Carmel, Israel-based Insightec got FDA nod in 2016 after clinical study showed treatment is effective and safe

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Turn, stop, then sit: A research-based guide for Parkinson's patients | The Times of Israel

Tel Aviv University team studies why patients with Parkinson's disease have difficulty transitioning from walking to sitting, leading to greater instability and falls

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Concussion Linked to Parkinson's Disease

The accumulation of mild head injuries over time has been shown to raise your risk for neurological dysfunction later in life; according to recent research, even a single concussion could increase your risk for Parkinson's disease.

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New Genetic Associations for Parkinson's Disease Identified

Scientists at 23andMe and Genentech have identified 17 new genetic variants associated with Parkinson’s disease, almost doubling the total number of known risk variants for the condition, which gives scientists hints at potential new targets for drugs t

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Ketogenic Diet & Parkinson’s Disease

Neuromuscular and neurodegenerative illnesses are devastating for obvious reasons: loss of independence, reduced quality of life, financial strain, emotional effects (such as depression), and the toll these conditions take on loved ones, particularly if o

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Researchers Identify Virus and Two Types of Bacteria as Major Causes of Alzheimer’s

A worldwide team of senior scientists and clinicians have come together to produce an editorial which indicates that certain microbes - a specific virus and two specific types of bacteria - are major

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Israeli healer treats Parkinson’s through talk and dance | The Times of Israel

Alex Kerten has helped thousands of Parkinson’s sufferers return to normal life with an unconventional mind-body method that is gaining international attention

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ElMindA’s Revolutionary Assessment Device For Parkinson’s Attracts World’s Top Investors

Israeli biotechnology firm ElMindA, which recently raised $28 million, has created a unique device that diagnoses brain disorders.

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Independence for the paralyzed via a life-changing cellphone | The Times of Israel

Sesame Phones, designed by Israeli software engineer Oded Ben-Dov, enables sufferers of ALS, Parkinson's, and MS to use their smartphones without assistance