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Your choice of a life partner is no accident

Study uses DNA to discern people’s preferences in mates, and suggests how such choices shape our genomes

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The Secret Power of Sexual Transmutation & Sacred Sexual Energy | Who Are Your Chosen Partner(s)

Sexual energy and sex transmutation play a fundamental role in our lives. Sex today is an open topic as we see it everywhere incomparable to conservative time frames before the 60’s and 70…

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Look Ahead: Four Steps to Better Relationships in the New Year

How to meet people, share a hobby, have more sex with your partner and answers to other reader questions.

Psychology | Relationships

Giving to Get vs. Griping to Get

It’s really baffling how many of us act as though we believe that deprecating our partner will help us get what we want from them. Why? Because venting frustration by grumbling or growling will probably be experienced by them as a personal attack. And t