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The Past Hangs On: the baggage that compromises your career/life - Workplace Coach Blog

Dropping emotional baggage to free your brain and work life

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Cut-throat Manager Suing Me for Torpedoing Her Career - Workplace Coach Blog

being sued by a former cutthroat manager

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If You Knew the True Story - Workplace Coach Blog

If you knew the true story you'd understand

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The Blame Shifter - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I admit it. I snap at coworkers. And sometimes customers. Maybe once a week. Not a lot. Only when …

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You Lost Out; The Promotion You Felt Was Yours Went to Someone Else - Workplace Coach Blog

Dealing with career setback so they're temporary, not permanent & so you win the next promotoin

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Navigating Your Landmines - Workplace Coach Blog

Navigate your landmines; bring light to your shadow side.

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Love/hate relationship with my boss - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: My boss and I have a love/hate relationship. He’s a good guy and smart but rough around the edges. …

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A Flashing Red Warning Light or My Fear? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I quit my former job in December, fearing that that if I didn’t leave, I’d be placed on a performance improvement plan. I took a month off and carefully screened prospective employers, looking for ones that said they believe in a healthy wor

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Freezing When Speaking In Public - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I like to think things through before I speak, and I’m shy in public. This makes department meetings hard for me, as I feel put on the spot when our supervisor calls on me. Often what comes out of my mouth isn’t phrased as well as I’d like