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Free Conflict Skills Webinar | Workplace Coach Blog

Conflict skills webinar: free 46 minute webinar, offering you multiple chances to practice skills in multiple areas

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Navigating Conflict | Workplace Coach Blog

Navigating Conflict: the book's almost out!

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Win a Promotion, Lose a Friend | Workplace Coach Blog

win a promotion; lose a friend; new supervisor problems with former coworkers

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Former Employee Now Supervises Me; Rules Commander Style | Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Several months ago, one of my former employees returned to our company as my immediate supervisor. It’s been hell …

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Cut-throat Manager Suing Me for Torpedoing Her Career - Workplace Coach Blog

being sued by a former cutthroat manager

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Prove You Respect Your Employees & Their Investment in Your Company - Workplace Coach Blog

Employee development boosts employee engagement, productivity, profits, morale, and retention--discover ten no-cost/low cost methods for providing employees development opportunities.

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My Job Bores Me To Tears, But I Don't Dare Jump - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: For the last eight months, I’ve tried everything I can think of to make myself like my job. Nothing …

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Twilight Ethics - Workplace Coach Blog

Ethical breaches. What do they cost? Can you afford yours?

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Employee Thought He Deserved the Job I Landed...Now Gunning for Me - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I recently landed a dream job managing a department for a strong, growing company. On my first day, I …

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Ask a Coach - Workplace Coach Blog

Workplace coach blog's Ask a Coach tool allows anyone to submit a question and receive free feedback from an expert. We've assisted thousands of businesses, this resource allows us to do the same to anyone in the world...at no cost!

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A Flashing Red Warning Light or My Fear? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I quit my former job in December, fearing that that if I didn’t leave, I’d be placed on a performance improvement plan. I took a month off and carefully screened prospective employers, looking for ones that said they believe in a healthy wor

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Freezing When Speaking In Public - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I like to think things through before I speak, and I’m shy in public. This makes department meetings hard for me, as I feel put on the spot when our supervisor calls on me. Often what comes out of my mouth isn’t phrased as well as I’d like

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Workplace Bullying: a resource from a workplace coach - Workplace Coach Blog

A new review of Beating the Workplace Bully by a publisher, editor and author: https://bit.ly/39gDz2L BLOG, BOOK REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW: BEATING THE WORKPLACE BULLY: A TACTICAL GUIDE TO TAKING CHARGE BY LYNNE CURRY PH.D. by fromthefrontporch At one point or

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Four Mistakes That Could Cost You a Job - Workplace Coach Blog

You expected a job offer. You knew you interviewed well.  The interviewer shook your hand when you both stood up, said “great interview,” and chatted with you on your way to the elevator. Then, the form letter rejection. Would you like to kno

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When the Absolute Wrong Person Reads What You've Written Online - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: When COVID-19 hit, my employer sent everyone home. I hadn’t liked my job, but staying at home proved worse. I ran out of toilet paper and the paper towel pieces plugged the toilet. I tried yoga but my cat sat on my face and my puppy ran around

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Rebuilding Your Career and Landing Jobs in the Age of COVID: Don’t Limit Yourself to Yesterday’s Jobs - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: One month ago, our company closed nine branches across the country. Everyone in my department and branch is looking for work. That means I’m competing with my former leads, supervisor and manager and younger candidates with superior technologi

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Patti Taylor, GCDF, RMT |

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Tracking Your Professional Journey: How to Move Through the 10 Stages of Your Career

Learn more about the different career stages you’ll experience and how to prepare for which stage might come next.

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9 Ways to Have an Authentic Conversation in 10 Minutes

Employ these quick strategies to create more meaningful connections with employees, partners and business associates.