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EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Müller says ‘politicians don’t have the right to forbid the holy Mass’

Governments are using COVID-19 restrictions as ‘opportunity to suppress the Catholic Church’

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Will The Supreme Court Defend Religious Liberty From Pandemic Tyrants?

A second challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s discriminatory COVID rules that targeted Orthodox Jews provides a crucial test for the new Supreme Court.

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You Can't Be Free Without This

It wasn’t an accident that the first amendment to the Constitution is about religious liberty. Why was it so important to the Founders? And why should it be just as important to you? Kelly Shackelford, President of First Liberty, explains.

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Pro-Life Women Win Massive Victories in Congress, Double Their Numbers in the House | LifeNews.com

Voters elected a record-number of pro-life women to Congress on Tuesday, including 13 new pro-life Republicans who will be filling seats in the U.S. House. T