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Man Adopts 45 Dogs And Sets Them Free On His Four Acres Of Land

It’s great that dog shelters exist, but a dog’s experience in one can still be pretty bad. They live in

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Good Samaritans recognized for rescue of Libertyville woman after crash

Ten good Samaritans were recognized by Illinois State Police Wednesday for their rescue of a woman after a car crash.

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Thai cave rescue: Don't forget man who made ultimate sacrifice so that boys, coach could live | Fox News

As we celebrate the rescue of the Thai soccer team – and it is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this – let us not quickly forget Saman Gunan, who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of young people he didn’t even know.

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Monthlong Ordeal for Hiker in New Zealand: Partner’s Death and Bitter Cold

The Czech woman and her boyfriend set out on July 26, he died when they fell down a slope, and she was found by the police on Wednesday in a warden’s shelter.

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Lancaster prison hosts deaf dogs evacuated from Sand fire area

A Lancaster prison is providing shelter for rescue animals as the Sand fire continues to burn in the Santa Clarita Valley.The State Pri...

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Kosher Dog | Jlife

This is Darla. She is a rescue dog.

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Victory! Los Angeles Permanently Bans The Sale of Non-Rescue Cats, Dogs, And Rabbits | True Activist

The city of LA has banned the commercial sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits to reduce the number of strays and euthanized animals.

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Firefighters Rescue Baby Bear from Wildfire, Name It 'Smokey Junior'

That's exactly what happened in Central Florida Thursday evening, when firefighters rescued the baby bear. Fire crews from Lake County -- located in Central Florida near Orlando -- were battling a brush fire that had burned through more than 250 acre

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Lost at sea and presumed dead, missing dog returns to owner

It will soon be a very tail-wagging moment when a dog lost at sea and presumed dead is reunited with her owner. The canine moved one paw closer to that goal recently after being flown to Naval Air Station North Island, in San Diego Bay, and picked up by a

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Shelter writes powerful letter to 'POS' who abandoned dog on road

A California animal rescue group's powerful note to someone they say ditched their dog on the side of the road has gone viral.

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This Personal Rescue Backpack SkySaver Lets You Rappel Down Buildings

SkySaver's emergency backpack is designed to help residents escape from high-rises. When fire breaks out, you buckle in and start rappelling down the building.

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Pygmy Marmoset Loves Her Toothbrush More Than Anything

Ninita the pygmy marmoset knows how to appreciate the simple things in life. Like her toothbrush, for instance, and ... actually, that's about it -- she really loves her toothbrush. Ninita was born deaf and rescued by the Rare Species Conserva...

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Southland Shelter Dogs Getting New Lease On Life In Washington State « CBS Los Angeles

Shelter dogs from the Southland, only days away from being euthanized due to a lack of shelter space, just got a new shot at life in Washington state.

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Dennis the Collie left in rescue centre because of his cross-eyes

Rescue dog Dennis, who has a condition which means he has cross-eyes, was given to the Dogs Trust branch in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, after his owner was no longer able to care for him.

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Manatee Keeps Watch Over Dog Before Rescue

From Yahoo: The Manatee Was Photographed Behind the Stuck Dog

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Epic Mojave Desert Dog Rescue Mission - A MUST SEE. Please Share.

Please join our effort to save lives and make a $5 to Hope For Paws: http://www.HopeForPaws.org To apply to adopt Sunna, Tanami, Sahara, or Moses, please vis...

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Lion Really Loves His Rescuer

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