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eScienceCommons: Experiments reveal why human-like robots elicit uncanny feelings

"At the core of this research is what we perceive when we look at a face," says Emory psychologist Philippe Rochat, senior author of the stu...

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Are you being served? Israeli-founded startup creates robot butler on wheels

Temi says it will integrate Amazon's Alexa personal assistant to further expand its droid's capabilities

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Robots are coming to automate the American workplace. Men will suffer more changes to their work than women

Automation may create as many jobs as it destroys, a new study finds, but men, younger folks, and minorities hold positions that are particularly vulnerable.

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Amazon is testing Scout, a delivery robot, near Seattle | VentureBeat

Amazon today unveilved the Scout delivery robot, which will make delivery to Prime customers in testing north of Seattle.

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The Rise of the Robot Nurse - Ohio University

As technology continues to advance and become cheaper and more accessible, its uses are increasingly benefiting human workers in the healthcare industry.

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The robot controlled by your thoughts

How you can correct the mistakes of robots using only brain and muscle signals.

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Boston Dynamics' Robot Dog Will Be Available Next Year | WIRED

The secretive company has long been research-focused, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been thinking about what consumers want out of SpotMini.

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9 robots that will make your life better because the future is now

These high-tech robots will change the way you live. Within every price range, there's a bot to do the job.

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Robots are about to make your beer runs

Virginia became the first state in the union on Wednesday to legally allow robots to use sidewalks.

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The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation.

“Everything we did, you could program a robot to do it.”

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Crime-fighting robot hits, rolls over child at Silicon Valley mall

A security, crime-fighting robot allegedly hit a 16-month boy on the head and ran over him at a shopping mall in Palo Alto.

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Transformers For Real: Watch a Robot Become a Car

Transformers is a work of fiction. The movies and television show about cars and trucks that transform into heroic robots isn’t real, but it did inspire one man to create his own version of Optimus Prime in the real world. Kenji Ishida of Brave Robotics

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Robotics: Ethics of artificial intelligence

Four leading researchers share their concerns and solutions for reducing societal risks from intelligent machines.

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In 10 years, your job probably won’t exist. Here’s how to make sure you’re still employable.

Around 65 percent of the jobs that people will be doing in a decade haven't even been invented yet.

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Hedge fund robots are crushing their human rivals

Computer algorithm-led hedge funds produced stellar returns last year, beating most gut-driven human money managers.

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Investor rush to artificial intelligence is real deal - FT.com

Silicon Valley loves a new fad. To judge by the spate of fundraising by start-ups in recent weeks, it has found one in an idea that is more than half a century old: artificial intelligence. “This is the hot place to be at the moment,” says Stephen

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Robots can now learn to cook just like you do: by watching YouTube videos

Researchers have come up with a new way to teach robots how to use tools simply by watching videos on YouTube. The researchers, from the University of Maryland and the Australian research center NI...

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Robotic 'Pack Mule' Can Take On Any Terrain

No, you're not watching a scene from "Transformers."

The U.S. Military released new footage on July 13, 2014 of the Legged Squad Supports System robot, which behaves sort of like a futuristic mule, being tested in an open field at the Kahuku Training Area in Hawaii. Just check it out in the YouTube video above.