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Debunking Roger Stone's anti-CNN conspiracy theory - CNN

Roger Stone, it seems, wants people to be talking about CNN, instead of his alleged crimes and his connections to President Trump.

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Mueller’s abuses on view for the world to see

The most destructive force appears to be the Mueller investigation itself.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano: An American nightmare | Fox News

the current, unreal world -- where politics deeply infuse law enforcement -- prosecutors use brute force to send a message of terror to innocent defendants. Like all defendants at the time of arrest, Roger Stone is innocent until proven guilty beyond a re

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Dershowitz: Mueller Has Found 'Almost No Crimes' From Before Russia Probe Started | Fox News Insider

The indictment of Roger Stone is a "typical Mueller indictment," according to Alan Dershowitz.

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Armed FBI Agents Arrest Roger Stone In Predawn Raid. But It’s Not Collusion - Sara A. Carter

Roger Stone, a long time associate of President Trump, was arrested by armed FBI agents in a predawn raid at his Flordia home.

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U.S. Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against Trump Campaign, No Proof of Collusion | One America News Network

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