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Racists Are Worried About the Historical Accuracy of Mermaids

Apparently they can’t handle Halle Bailey singing “Part of Your World” in the new ‘Little Mermaid’ trailer

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Watch Teen Punk Band the Linda Lindas Ether 'Racist Sexist Boy' in Scorching Library Concert

The Los Angeles quartet opened for Bikini Kill in 2019 at the Hollywood Palladium

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Thanks to Quarantine, Elevator Music Is Filing for Bankruptcy

Mood Media, owner of Muzak and other sensory marketing products, hopes to reduce its debt by $404 million

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Seattle's Autonomous Zone Is Not What You've Been Told

Some call it CHOP, some call it CHAZ, and no one knows quite what it is. But one thing is clear in a blocks-large swath of Capitol Hill: a community is taking shape

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'Rolling Stone' Produces Terrible List of the 100 Best Singers, Hilarity Ensues

In what should have been called "100 Singers We Really Like," geriatric rocker magazine Rolling Stone has produced a terrible list of the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time." If you want to put together a list of 100 rock/country/R&

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Rolling Stone Mag Continues to Promote BDS | CAMERA

Rolling Stone continues its recent, unfortunate trend of promoting BDS goals in its coverage of the Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Demi Lovato’s trip to

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Is It Downhill From Here for 'Rolling Stone'? | Jewish & Israel News

In 2017, I wrote about Glamour magazine giving an award to the organizers of the Women’s March, including anti-Israel activist and terror-supporter Linda Sarsour.

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25 Greatest Punk Rock Movies of All Time

Without a widespread system of independent distribution, punk bands ended up in some strange company on major-label rosters — particularly in this sprawling performance film masterminded by I.R.S. Records' Miles Copeland. What are Dead Kennedy

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Barack Obama has a grammy??

Since his retirement from basketball, Magic Johnson has done many things, not all of them well or for easily discernible reasons, but his role in

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10 Moments That Changed the NFL Forever

A single draft shapes the Steelers, a franchise-defining deal in Dallas and Cam coming to Carolina: As we head to Super Bowl 50, here's a look at the moves that made football what it is today

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28 WTF Moments from the Sixth Republican Debate

The final Republican debate before the Iowa caucuses was the most explosive yet

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45 Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

Album: TBARelease Date: TBARadiohead fans were given an unexpected Christmas gift with the surprise

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20 Insanely Great U2 Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Listen to lesser-known gems from the band's catalog

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Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss Enchant Seattle Stage | Rolling Stone

Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss and Union Station shared the bill at Seattle's Marymoor Park.