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What To Say To Get Your Bills Lowered

In this week’s My Two Cents, the Cut’s financial advice columnist Charlotte Cowles gets advice from experts about how to lower your bills, from medical expenses to credit card fees.

Miscellaneous | Interesting & Helpful Information

Electrifying your home is about to get a lot cheaper | Grist

Rebates from the IRA could help low- and middle-income households save thousands on heat pumps, weatherstripping, and other efficiency improvements.

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The Everyday, Eco-Friendly Actions That Save You Money at Home

Small household changes—like cutting back on meat, embracing a wilder yard, and even repurposing your empty jars—can cut costs and add up to help our planet recover from generations of damage.

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9 Spending Tips to Help You Save Money and Reduce Stress

Small changes to our spending and how we handle money can help set us up for greater financial stability.