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A Secret Weapon in "Causing" the Next Pandemic: Fruit Bats

The title originally said "preventing" the next pandemic. Realistically we know where this leads - to another pandemic. Medicine is supposed to be retrospective in its approach, seeking to heal what presents itself to it, not "prospective" where it seeks to predict (with all the error involved) what MAY happen

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Doctor Turns Against Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines, Calls for Global Pause

A doctor who promoted COVID-19 vaccines is now calling for health authorities around the world to pause administration ...

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Here are hundreds of studies proving that COVID-19 jabs do harm - LifeSite

So you say, 'Dr. Alexander, you keep raising concerns about the vaccines, but where is the proof?'

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COVID-19 Literature Document

UPDATE 02/15/2022: Introduction The goal of this document is to provide information pertaining to the various aspects that relate to COVID-19, its treatment and the COVID-19 vaccines. Its goal is to challenge the nar…

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Oregon's Newly Imposed Permanent School Mask Mandate Draws Criticism

Even as nations around the world are easing their pandemic restrictions, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) on Jan. ...

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Nurse: Better Off in 3rd World Country

Not just a nurse, Nicole Sirotek shares what she saw on the front lines in NYC. Source: https://rumble.com/embed/vqn7ev/?pub=6e5c3

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Some New Zealanders with Covid could be eligible for assisted dying | MercatorNet

When the Covid-19 pandemic began last year, I speculated in MercatorNet that “Perhaps a healthy by-product of the pandemic will be to renew our emphasis on caring for others. The widespread death toll of the virus forces us to recognize the preciousness

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Goodbye Pandemic, Hello Endemic

Commentary In early 1918, when World War I entered its final year, the H1N1 influenza A virus infected ...

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Vaccines Not Durable, Omicron Might Turn COVID-19 Endemic: Bill Gates

Bill Gates, in a Twitter discussion Tuesday, said that the current COVID-19 vaccines were missing two key factors, and claimed that Omicron might bring about a wave of immunity through communities it passes through.

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LIVE: Purging Patriots from the Military: THE PROOF

This press conference will reveal the horrific extent to which the US military has violated our service members’ medical and religious rights—as well as their human dignity. You will not want to miss

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Prime Age Mortality up 40 Percent, Majority of Deaths Not From COVID-19

Mortality among young-to-middle-age Americans went through the roof last year. The majority of the increase didn’t involve COVID-19, ...

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COVID-19 Outbreak Among Fully Vaccinated Cruise Crew Ends New Year's Trip in Portugal

A cruise ship is stuck in Lisbon, Portugal, amid a COVID-19 outbreak among fully vaccinated crew members, officials ...

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Biden: 'It's Your Patriotic Duty' to Get Vaccinated This Holiday Season

Federal government setting up more vaccination and testing sites, boosting hospital supplies

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COVID-Related Deaths the Media REFUSES to Discuss

There are many Covid-related deaths being ignored by the media. Leftists hate to admit it, but we all know who's to blame.