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Finally! It’s Launching. | Workplace Coach Blog

Finally, it's launching, a debut novel full of romance, Alaskan scenery, and suspense--a woman's journey with a surprise ending.

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Who Am I? - 14 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery - Sincerely, BL

Who are you? What are your values, talents, skills, and characteristics? You don't know? Get 14 journal-prompts to help you answer the question, "Who am I?"

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The Key to Becoming the Most Wonderful Version of Yourself

We all strive to be successful, or "good at" our work, parenting, athletic or whatever your favorite hobby is. But one thing we don't think about - is how to be wonderful.

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Cosmic Secrets: A Key to Self-Discovery (eBook)

Cosmic Secrets reveals the five different personality types and how to decipher which one you are. Once you understand your own inner workings, you can begin to use the included strategies to optimize your daily interactions and live your best life.

Consciousness is a state of being that we often take for granted. But true consciousness—and all the multidimensionality that comes with it—is the key to unlocking a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our own personalities.

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The Voices of the Throat

In the Body Map used in Beyond Human Design the Throat is the center of manifestation. There are eleven gates or paths from the throat center and each has its own way of communicating. Get this document and learn about the throat center.

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Multidimensional Synthesis

Delve into Beyond Human Design for self-discovery. Learn about the multidimensional universe and recognize the truth of your Self

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The Kabalistic Tree of Life

Advice & Self-Help | What is Beyond Human Design

Introduction | Beyond Human Design