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Your Doctor's Words Could Make You Sick | TIME

Words can make you sick, a phenomenon known as the nocebo effect. This poses an ethical problem for our health system.

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About Hypnosis Video #3: Heaviness and Lightness in the Body

Some quick and easy self-care strategies to help improve your sleep ???? Deep hypnotic states can bring about feelings of heaviness or lightness in your body. Y...

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Just how effective is hypnosis at relieving pain?

Can hypnosis treat pain? A recent meta-analysis combines the findings of 85 studies and concludes that it could be an effective option for pain relief.

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Chakras – Includes Meditation – PDF & MP3 – Noble Sciences Store

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6 Steps To Manage High Blood Pressure With Self Hypnosis For A Slow But Steady Recovery! | Self Hypnosis Talk

When was the last time you took the time to just sit back, and relax? Relaxed in a fashion that left you no scope of thinking about your electricity bills, your