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Trump's Pick to Replace Jeff Sessions Suggested Cutting Off Mueller's Funding

Matthew Whitaker repeatedly voiced skepticism of the Russia investigation

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Databases key to Trump’s crackdown on opioids - POLITICO

"I think it helps to know there are eyes on them," says one prosecutor.

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Sessions reiterates support for hardline immigration policy as criticism continues - CNNPolitics

Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the administration's "zero-tolerance" immigration policy in a speech Monday as criticism over the resulting separation of parents and children entered a new week.

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'I Don't Think It Was an Extreme Position I Took': Jeff Sessions on the Bible, Immigration and His Critics | CBN News

Attorney General Jeff Sessions addressed some of the criticism he and the White House have received in recent weeks regarding the administration's immigration policy in an exclusive interview Thursday with CBN News.

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Blue State Blues: How Jeff Sessions Might Save the Republican Congress | Breitbart

Trump may have to thank Jeff Sessions for helping save the GOP Congress by mobilizing dormant conservatives in California around the "sanctuary state" fight.

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What Would Happen If Trump Fired Mueller? Or Rosenstein? Or Sessions? | FiveThirtyEight

Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s weekly politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. micah (Micah Cohen, politics editor): There’s a lot going on, i…

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Turley: Sessions’ Using Utah Federal Prosecutor Much Better for Trump than 2nd Special Counsel

WASHINGTON, DC – Professor Jonathan Turley, a top national legal expert on government prosecutions, commented on Thursday about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to bring in U.S. Attorney John Huber, calling it "brilliant."

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Sessions' powerful friends stand up to Trump

The attorney general's former colleagues in Congress, as well as conservative allies, publicly questioned the president's attacks on Sessions.

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Jeff Sessions committed the one sin Donald Trump can't forgive - CNNPolitics.com

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was once Donald Trump's truest, most loyal friend -- the first major backer of the billionaire's presidential campaign and a major ally for his get-tough policies on immigration.

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Oopsie! Up to 30 Democrats should resign for meeting with Russian diplomats in 2015

You have to laugh at the Democrats and their feigned and calculated outrage over a senator from the Armed Services Committee meeting with the ambassador of Russia; of course that senator is AG Sessions but seriously, this is their big freakout.

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Dem lawmaker says she's never met with Russian ambassador — but a tweet suggests otherwise

Following reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions misled the Senate under oath about his contacts with the Russian ambassador, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) tweeted that she had never met with the Russian ambassador.

But another older tweet from McCaskill suggests otherwise.