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'Shark in the cage!' Shaq pulled from water after predator wiggles through bars of enclosure | Fox News

Shaquille O'Neal couldn't escape a curious shark, as the predator wiggled its way through metal bars of a 12-foot-tall enclosure the NBA star was locked inside of.

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Shark shocker: 20-foot great white 'Deep Blue' caught on camera | Fox News

The great white shark known as Deep Blue is nearly 20 feet long and is thought to be the largest great white ever caught on film.

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Instagram model, 19, bitten by shark while taking photos in Bahamas | Fox News

An Instagram model said she’s fortunate to still have her arm after a nurse shark latched onto it and dragged her under water while the woman was swimming with a school of seemingly harmless sharks in the Bahamas last month.

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Leopard shark falls from sky onto Calif. golf course

2-pound leopard shark apparently plucked from ocean by bird then dropped on golf course; Employees take it safely back to sea

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Grouper Eats Shark in One Bite in Viral Video

With Shark Week on the Discovery Channel just ending, it's understandable that you may have the carnivorous fish on the mind and think that such a dangerous predator should be avoided at all costs. A certain grouper clearly didn't think so. In t