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Shelter Dogs in Kansas Treated to Special Burger Dinner to Ring in 2024 - Parade Pets

A dog shelter in Kansas decided to treat their dogs to a special burger dinner to ring in the New Year with style and lots of love.

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Facing shutdown, shelter feared worst for 80 dogs, cats. They just got a second chance

Soon after Paw Works moved into its new 8,000-square-foot shelter in Oxnard last year, Ventura County officials said it lacked the proper permits and needed to shut down immediately.

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Little Girl Breaks Down After Being Surprised With Shelter Dog She Wanted - The Dodo

10-year-old Alexandria was so happy when her mom surprised her at school with the dog she wanted from the Arizona Humane Society.

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Yurt and Tiny Living Tips From Experts | WeatherPort

Community experts share their insights about living small in a yurt or tiny house with the goal of helping others understand small living.

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Shelter writes powerful letter to 'POS' who abandoned dog on road

A California animal rescue group's powerful note to someone they say ditched their dog on the side of the road has gone viral.

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This 9-year old built a no-kill shelter in his garage for strays with a little help from the internet

Better prep some tissue, just in case the feels get to you. 9-year old Ken from the Philippines dreamed about building an animal shelter to rescue strays f

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Southland Shelter Dogs Getting New Lease On Life In Washington State « CBS Los Angeles

Shelter dogs from the Southland, only days away from being euthanized due to a lack of shelter space, just got a new shot at life in Washington state.

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The Senior Living Home Where Shelter Pets Get A Second Chance

On a recent Thursday afternoon, human residents of a Sunrise Senior Living home in Washington, D.C. enjoyed white wine and crabcakes, while Bugsy the beagle nosed around the dining room for crumbs before heading outside for a quick romp in the garden...