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7 Research Findings Revealing How Text Correspondence Messages Affect Relationships | Gonitz Experts

It is very difficult to understand moods and context when it comes to correspondence in text messages, and in some cases it may even sow a lot of chaos in our

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"I Will Not Sleep With A Stranger That I Do Not Know What Was His Route " | Gonitz Experts

What happens during the corona period in dating apps? We talked to singles who told us that loneliness actually makes people more communicative.

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Offered You A Flick On Tinder? Caution, Psychopath! | Gonitz Experts

According to a new study, you should doubt anyone who offers you casual sex on Tinder, as he is more likely to be a psychopath. On the other hand, if you use Tinder yourself to find casual sex, you probably have such a personality too.

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"Looking For A Funny Man Like My Dad" | Gonitz Experts

She believes in attraction at first sight but understands that love requires work. Meet Jordan Harel, a culinary tour guide who dreams of true love, good friendships and an amusing man like her father. "The Matchmaker", a new generation that will find lov

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Everyone Has A Boyfriend But Me | Gonitz Experts

The holiday was approaching and she felt lonelier than ever. Fulfilled that she had to sit alone at the holiday table next to her three married sisters and

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Are you being an Ageist? And how's it working for you? | Julie Ferman Associates

This article is written for the men who are in their 50's / 60's / 70's and beyond. Ageism is not our friend, especially in dating.