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'Operation Mincemeat' explained: The stolen body and fake intelligence that helped win WWII

The Netflix drama 'Operation Mincemeat,' starring Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen, is based on the unbelievable true story of a macabre espionage mission.

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How Foreign Spies Infiltrate US Police

"Police departments are easy prey for foreign agents pretending to be regular, friendly police officers."

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HOWARD EPSTEIN’S LETTER FROM ISRAEL  OUR SPIES IN THEIR MIDST Imagine a darkened stage, suddenly illuminated with three pools of light. Now the audience sees the same number of actors, two men, and a woman. Thus opens Michael Frayn’s 1988 play ‘Cop

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Jack Cohen – Spies of No Country: Matti Friedman

Jack Cohen – Spies of No Country: Matti Friedman Spies of No County: Israel’s secret agents at the birth of Israel by Matti Friedman (Algonquin, 2019) is a profoundly important book, for two reasons. First it shines light on a long-neglected subje

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These are the best spy thrillers to stream right now

From Amazon Prime to Disney+ (yes, really), we’ve rounded up the ten best spy thrillers to take you to the edge of your seat…

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Spies Can Eavesdrop by Watching a Light Bulb's Vibrations 

The so-called lamphone technique allows for real-time listening in on a room that's hundreds of feet away.

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DHS confirms it has evidence of mobile snooping devices around DC - CNNPolitics

The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that it has detected evidence of mobile snooping devices around Washington, DC.