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Stonehenge mystery solved, says breakthrough scientific study | Fox News

The ancient mystery of who built Stonehenge has been solved, according to a breakthrough study.

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Stonehenge secret: Did builders use Pythagoras' theorem 2,000 years before the philosopher lived? | Fox News

The famous ancient site at Stonehenge may have been built using Greek philosopher Pythagoras’ famous theorem two millennia before the mathematical equation was developed, experts say.

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Researchers think they've solved a Stonehenge mystery

Researchers in London think they have solved one of the most enduring mysteries of Stonehenge: How did a bunch of prehistoric Britons haul massive stones from a quarry in Wales to the site of the monument more than 100 miles?

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'Chicagohenge' Is Happening Tonight If You Know When To Look

Stand among the skyscrapers of the Loop Wednesday night, and you're in for a beautiful light show courtesy of this year's Fall Equinox.