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SNEEK PREVIEW: My Favorite Short Story | Workplace Coach Blog

Your Sneek Preview: My Favorite Short Story

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Two Free Months of After Dinner Conversation: an ethics & philosophy magazine | Workplace Coach Blog

Two free months of After Dinner Conversation; a magazine that publishes stories, like mine, that have an ethics or unique philosophical message

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Just for Fun | Workplace Coach Blog

Just for fun, a poem with humor; when do you figure it out?

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There Is Always Another Part: An Origin Story

How one author's words led me to an insight which continues to shape both my personal and professional lives.

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The dark side of livestreaming: Periscoping a rape

Livestreaming presents new challenges to tech companies and adds a level of urgency to the potential for abuse.

Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual Awareness

The Sky & The Rise Of A Broken Spirit

Every evening the sky would digest the Sun. A point of escape merged between the light and the darkness. A shadow in time only lasts a few seconds. Morning light washed over the sky unzipping purpo…