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‘Could Revolutionize Stroke Treatment’: Researchers Discover Breakthrough Treatment For Stroke

"It is very easy to administer, which makes it a game changer when seconds count to save brain cells."

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Warning Signs of Stroke Could Appear as Early as 1 Month Prior

A stroke or can have life-threatening consequences just like a heart attack. However, there are some early signs of ...

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Blood Vessels Grown in a Petri Dish Closely Resemble Human Ones

The lab-made organoids are fully functional, the team reports, and could aid the study of vascular-related diseases such as diabetes.

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Study: Long Naps, Sleeping For More Than 9 Hours Increases Stroke Risk

A new study finds that regularly taking naps that exceed 90 minutes, or sleeping for over 9 hours each night, may raise one's chances of suffering a stroke.

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Does Full-Fat Dairy Promote Heart Disease? Research Says No

Saturated fats do not clog your arteries; on the contrary, these fats are important for optimal health, and actually combat many of today's chronic diseases.

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Doctors Perform Groundbreaking Surgery for Stroke

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have performed the first deep brain stimulation (DBS) for stroke procedure to help people regain motor function.

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Stroke Pictures: Signs and Causes of Strokes and Mini Strokes

WebMD's pictures help explain the symptoms, causes, and dramatic lifesaving treatments for stroke -- including when to call 911.