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Eat Leafy Greens To Stop Development Of Macular Degeneration - Study Finds

A new study conducted by Australian researchers finds that eating more leafy greens -- such as lettuce, spinach, or kale -- may help prevent macular degeneration, a condition that causes loss in the center of the field of vision.

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Food for Concentration: 11 Foods That Boost Memory & Help You Focus

Can brain foods really help you concentrate, or boost memory? Increase your chances of maintaining a healthy brain by adding these

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Cherries - A Potent Super Food

Cherries, a favorite summer treat, are a great source of potassium and have been shown to improve athletic performance.

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Hemp For Dogs - Should You Use It?

Hemp for dogs? Why not? This superfood is making a huge comeback and is showing promise in the treatment of cancer, joint disease, allergies and more!

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Moringa: 46 Antioxidants & 90 Nutrients

  There is one superfood that has changed my life. When I decided to go on my vegan six month trial, I remember one of my friends taking me to a tea shop that had a number of superfoods and te…

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Supplements and Foods that Give You Energy

I discuss and review the different available supplements, vitamins, drinks, herbs and foods that give you energy.

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Simple Ways to Supercharge Brain Health and Mental Performance - Hey Sigmund - Karen Young

A vital part of protecting and optimising mental health and ageing well, involves keeping the brain healthy, and there is plenty we can do to ensure this.

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Super Foods Quiz: Weight Loss, Immune System Health, and More

Test your knowledge of “super foods” with this WebMD quiz.