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Eric Garland questions demolition of Surfside condo due to ‘presence of Israeli Defense Forces’

"If anyone wants to see a blatant example of anti-semitism..."

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Surfside Condo Disaster Reminds Us: When You Serve on a Board, You Hold Lives and Livelihoods In Your Hands - Workplace Coach Blog

Surfside Condo disaster reminds us when you serve on a board of directors, you hold people's lives in your hands

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FACEPALM—Biden on Tragic Condo Collapse: 'You Know What's Good About This?'

On Thursday, Joe Biden was in Florida for a meeting with Governor Ron DeSantis and other local leaders near the site of the Surfside condo collapse and bizarrely interjected to point out what he consi...

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Faith After Surfside - Questions & Answers

It is a pain we must feel, a pain that must be healed, until we have healed humanity itself. Until no such tragedy could ever happen again.