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More than 20% of teens have seriously considered suicide. Psychologists and communities can help tackle the problem

Reports show increasing rates of suicide, with youth of color and LGBTQ youth most affected—all against a backdrop of teens reporting high levels of hopelessness, sadness, loneliness, and suicidal ideation.

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Teen’s Suicide Attempt Prompts Warning Over Pandemic’s Mental Health Dangers

On Christmas night, a 14-year-old girl walked away from her family’s Orange County home and headed toward a ...

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Parenting Programs Aim to Reduce Girls' Suicide Rate

Mental health is not just an adult issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide rates have tripled over the last 15 years among girls 10 to 14 years of age in the United States. More detailed analyses of the data only paint

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NIMH » Release of “13 Reasons Why” Associated with Increase in Youth Suicide Rates

A study conducted by researchers at several universities, hospitals, and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) found that the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” was associated with a 28.9% increase in suicide rates among U.S. youth ages 10-17 in t

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New pressures for perfection contribute to rise in teen suicide – Orange County Register

Impossible expectations of perfection caused by Internet, pressure for digital ‘likes,’ causes new, alarming trend in teen suicide.

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Is a Teen Depressed, or Just Moody?

With reports of an increase in teenage depression, experts say parents should watch for major changes in their own children.