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The Pendleton Westerley

Winter is upon us, and JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS, living his inner dude, has just bought the iconic Westerley for his winter wardrobe. KAREN BERRY, Pendleton’s Euro marketing manager tells the proud knit owner about the history and enduring appeal of his quality w

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Jeff Bridges hypes new ‘Big Lebowski’ project: sequel or Super Bowl ad?

The internet abides. Jeff Bridges shared a 15-second clip to his Twitter Thursday morning showing him in character as The Dude from the Coen Brothers’ 1998 cult classic “The Big Lebowsk…

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Watch Jeff Bridges Revive ‘Big Lebowski’ Character ‘The Dude’ at John Goodman’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski was brought back to life on Hollywood Boulevard, but this time, he was the one who delivered a eulogy for a friend, and it ended with “Good afternoon, …

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Jeff Bridges Performs “The Man In Me” On Conan

CONAN Highlight: Joined by guitar prodigy Quinn Sullivan, the Dude himself jams to the Bob Dylan classic.

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21 Things You Might Not Know About 'The Big Lebowski'

You’re a Lebowski. I’m a Lebowski. These days, pretty much everybody loves The Big Lebowski. But it wasn’t always the case. Since its release and modest reception in 1998, the Coen Brothers' oddball slackerhero tale has enjoyed modern movie history’s most unusual (yet fairly inevitable) ascent to classic status. In association with Lebowski Fest on March 13—a yearly celebration of all things Dude—here are 21 facts that might have eluded even the most accomplished Lebowski achievers.

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Netflix just brought back 'The Big Lebowski'

Far out, man. This is bigger than a new season of House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black could ever hope to be. Fans have watched this movie hundreds of times, and most of them probably own a copy. But is there anything finer than rolling a fat joint, kicking back with your buds, and reliving the eternal saga of the Dude through a premium content platform?

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Sleeping with Jeff Bridges has become a nightmare

A new album from the actor and country musician aims to help you sleep – which is great until the Dude invades your dreams

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6 Products That Can Only Be Made in One Place - Neatorama

Champagne is a lie! Your sparkling wine doesn’t have to come from France to be authentic. Here are six products that can really only be produced in one place on the globe.1. Cowichan SweatersLong before it accompanied him on his many misadventur

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The Stacks: The Day ‘The Big Lebowski’ Came to Life

Alex Belth worked on the Coen brothers’ cult favorite. In an excerpt from his ebook ‘The Dudes Abide,’ Jeff Bridges and John Goodman meet the Dude and Walter for the first time.