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Do Synthetic Thyroid Hormones Work?

Depression is sometimes the result of a complex but common condition that develops when two key hormones produced by the thyroid are in short supply.

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How We Overcome Hypothyroidism When All Else Fails

Discover the systematic approach to overcoming your hypothyroidism even if you've tried everything...

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HOW TO FIND A GOOD DOCTOR - Stop The Thyroid Madness

Has it been recommended to you to see an Endocrinologist? Sadly, thyroid patients overall have given a F on the report … Continued

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Endometriosis Linked to Other Diseases

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Common in Women With Endometriosis

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Living with a Hypothyroid Wife

Palle shares his experience living with his hypothyroid wife Helle Syndendal. Helle is author of the book From Hypothyroid to Healthy.

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Do You Have Hypothyroidism Or Hashimoto's Or Both? Did You Know 95% of Hypothyroid Patients Also Have Hashimoto's?

Most cases of hypothyroidism in the United States, Canada, Europe and in most countries that add iodine to their salt supply are caused by Hashimoto's, an autoimmune condition. Depending on the source, estimates are that between 90-97% of those wi

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Why Butter Is Better - Weston A Price

Print - PDF - Email Read this article in: French | Portuguese | Spanish When the fabricated food folks and apologists for the corporate farm realized that they couldn’t block America’s growing interest in diet and nutrition, a movement that wo

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A layman's guide to understanding thyroid test results.

Understanding thyroid blood tests - TSH, Free T4, Free T3, antibodies, Reverse T3, etc. - what they test for, reference ranges, and what results mean.