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Apple CEO Sucks Up to China in Interview With State-Owned Media

Apple chief executive Tim Cook met this month with Chinese Communist Party members and propagandists who enable Beijing's mass surveillance, internet censorship, and other human rights abuses.

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What is Tim Cook's net worth? See how the Apple CEO spends his fortune - Business Insider

Despite his newly attained billionaire status, native Alabaman and Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn't live very lavishly.

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Is Apple Stronger Than Ever? Playing The Long Game Inside Tim Cook's Apple

iPhone sales have slumped, stock is down, and pundits insist Apple is a tech laggard. But the company may be stronger than ever.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Some Stock Apps Can Be Deleted Someday - Fortune

After years of having to shuffle those pesky stock apps you never use around your iPhone, you might be able to delete them eventually.

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Apple, Cisco Unveil Business Partnership - WSJ

Apple Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. are teaming up to help bring more iPhones and iPads to business users.

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This Tim Cook Prediction May Have Been Wildly Off | TIME

Many retailers still aren't accepting Apple Pay, contrary to a prediction Apple CEO Tim Cook recently made.

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Tim Cook dropped a major clue about Apple’s next big product

During Monday night's earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped a major hint about what the company might be working on next.

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First look: Hands-on with Apple Watch and working software

Apple spilled additional details about its hotly anticipated Apple Watch wearable on Monday, and AppleInsider was there to take a first look at the device that could soon dominate a burgeoning smartwatch market.

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Tim Cook Defused Steve Jobs' Thermonuclear War, Then He Took Down Android

It would be fair to say that Steve Jobs did not like Samsung's smartphone team. He promised all of Apple's resources would be deployed in a