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How extreme heat is changing tourism

Climate change could forever alter how people travel.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Aug. 20, 2023

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Aug. 20, 2023 I may have taken an extended holiday recently, but Israel’s innovators and high achievers certainly haven’t. The 50 positive articles in my latest newsletter are some of the best, but o

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Each State's Favorite Tourist Attraction, Mapped

Here's where residents of each state like to visit when it's time to travel.

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“Secret Israel”, or “When a Jew Gets Stuck in Nebraska”

“Secret Israel”, or “When a Jew Gets Stuck in Nebraska” By Shakked Beery Two years ago, my country forbade me from returning home. Though I’m a tenth-generation Israeli Jew rooted deep in this land, two years ago, Israel, wouldn’t let me set f

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Where are the Gulf's tourists? Israel's hopes fall short

  When Israel struck an agreement with the United Arab Emirates to open diplomatic ties in 2020, it brought an

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New Israeli Government Vows To Develop West Bank Tourism - VINnews

JERUSALEM (AP) – The tourism minister of Israel’s new hardline government on Sunday promised to invest in developing the West Bank, calling the area “our local Tuscany.” Join our WhatsApp group Haim Katz made the comments days after Prime Minister

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Israel ranked fifth-safest country for tourists

The deadliest destination was South Africa, followed by India, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Cambodia and the Philippines.

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Steve Kramer – Touring Israeli Historical Places with ESRA

Steve Kramer – Touring Israeli Historical Places with ESRA Michal and I recently enjoyed a day trip organized by ESRA, the English Speaking Residents Association. ESRA provides numerous social activities for Israelis who are comfortable speaking Eng

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Steve Kramer – Israel through a Tourist’s Eyes Part II

Steve Kramer – Israel through a Tourist’s Eyes Part II Our friend Jimmy came to Israel for the first time a few weeks ago. He combined staying with us and several days each in Tel Aviv-Yafo (Jaffa) and Jerusalem, as well as two tours when we trave

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Steve Kramer – Israel through a Tourist’s Eyes

Steve Kramer – Israel through a Tourist’s Eyes We recently spent an enjoyable time with Michal’s classmate from ACHS (Atlantic City High School). Jimmy has a great love of Israel and a great interest in Judaism – although, or maybe because

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Steve Kramer – Follow the Salad Trail in the Negev Desert

Steve Kramer – Follow the Salad Trail in the Negev Desert   As you know, Israel is a very small country in area, roughly the size of New Jersey, with a similar long, narrow shape. Recently Michal and I went on a tour with the ESRA group (Englis

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Mediation fails between Florida, CDC over cruise line lawsuit

Governor DeSantis signed a law that imposes a fine of $5,000 for each customer asked to provide proof of vaccination.

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'Tacky' to 'demoralizing': Travel writers share their biggest 'bucket list' disappointments

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The most amazing places in the kumrat valley tour packages that must be visited - Pakistan Guide Tour

Pakistan as a whole is beautiful and carries wonderful places in it. You can find love and affection from everything you see here. The

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Anna Medina - Must Visit List While Traveling Israel

Anna Medina – Must Visit List While Traveling Israel If you love traveling and you decided to go to Israel, there is a number of places that you absolutely must visit. From beaches to parks to temples – all of these are sites every tourist would b

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame Has Been Named the Worst Tourist Trap on Earth

According to a new study and everyone who has ever been there

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Tourism is four times worse for the planet than previously believed | Science | AAAS

Global tourism accounts for around one-twelfth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions

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Kangaroos High on Carrots Are Attacking Tourists

Addicted to sugar, the animals have been hitting and slashing at tourists who tease them with the surprisingly harmful snacks.

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Israel prepares for 20 percent increase in Christian pilgrims for Christmas

Israel's Tourism Ministry is preparing to welcome tens of thousands of Christian pilgrims over the Christmas season, finishing up a record-breaking year as the number of tourists reaches 3.5 million people in 2017.

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The worst tourist trap in every state - Business Insider

Save your money and avoid these terrible tourist attractions at all costs.

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World's most extreme tours with wild animals

Reindeer in Russia. Pandas in China. Elephants in Gabon. These are some of the most thrilling encounters with animals in the wild you can see on a tour.

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15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Istanbul | PlanetWare

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10 New Attractions That Will Help Chicago Reach its 2020 Tourism Goals

An unprecedented number of major Chicago tourist destinations have either recently opened or will come online in the next half decade.

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L.A.'s Historic Hiking Destinations | Hiking | SoCal Wanderer | KCET

There are plenty of Los Angeles hikes for those that enjoy a bit of beautiful decay.

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12 Things You Should Never Do In LA

It's no secret that Los Angeles is one of most sprawling cities in the world, making it impossible to see all, or even most, of it in one trip.

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The Catalina Casino: The Magic Isle's Art Deco Pleasure Palace

There's a feeling that the party has passed its grandeur at the landmark structure built by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley, as the centerpiece of his dream resort on Avalon Bay.

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27 Chicago hacks to make your life easier

From the booze to the blues, city life in Chicago has its perks, but to live here like a boss, it helps to know some shortcuts and tricks. After moving to Chicago,...

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The Best New Chicago Hotels of 2014

Check out the unique amenities at each of these top four hotels of the year.

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A $100 Weekend in Chicago

Sample everything from pizza to pancakes, classical music to the blues, during a frugal-friendly weekend in the Windy City.

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15 Astonishing Little-Known Destinations Worth Traveling To - The Fairy Pools

Check out these stunning destinations before you book your next vacation! - The Fairy Pools #tourism, #destinations, #travel, #architecture

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51 Vintage Postcards from the Windy City

As Chicago continues to break its record for tourism year-after-year, the city has set an ambitious goal of attracting 55 million visitors to the Windy City annually by 2020....