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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – A New “University” in Israel: Depth Without Breadth

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – A New “University” in Israel: Depth Without Breadth This week Israel officially granted University status to the Inter-Disciplinary Center (IDC) situated in Herzliyah, to be now called Reichman University in honor of it

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Off to College? Maybe These Devices Should Go Along

From computers to coffee makers, choosing the right devices for students can be tough. Here’s a guide to make back-to-school shopping a little easier.

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Game of Loans

Why does student debt keep going up and up even as it's harder and harder to find a good job with a college degree? And why does it seem that the more aid the government and colleges give, the less it helps? Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA

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Who Killed the Liberal Arts?

What in the world happened to the liberal arts? A degree in the humanities used to transmit the knowledge and wisdom imbued in the works of great Western artists, writers, musicians and thinkers like Shakespeare and Mozart. But today, that same degree str

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The Fundamental Way That Universities Are an Illusion

Research suggests that colleges are not unified by teaching standards, and that the real differences are within departments and classrooms.

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8 Reasons to Choose Travel Over Going to College!

Remember what our generation was told growing up? "Go to college and get a degree, you'll then be able to get a good job." I think it's safe to say those days are over....