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If a Bomb Brought Down EgyptAir 804, the War on Terror Is About to Change

While the cause of the crash is still unknown, the possibility of terrorism looms large

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Jordan’s King Abdullah II: 'We Are Facing A Third World War'

King Abdullah II of Jordan said that the battles against the Islamic State (ISIS) will be part of a “third world war against humanity."

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Obama removes Cuba from terror sponsor list, Cuban supported terror group kills 10 | Power Line

On Tuesday, President Obama announced that the U.S. is removing Cuba from its state sponsors of terror list. Hours later, FARC, a terrorist group long supported by Cuba, murdered 10 Colombian soldi...

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Great news. Iran and Hezbollah are no longer terrorism threats | RedState

US intelligence agencies have removed Iran and Hezbollah from their list of terrorism threats as a prelude to letting Iran have a nuclear weapon.

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Why the Left Hates American Sniper | New York Observer

What American Sniper is really about is the battle by decent men against truly dark forces of wickedness. American Sniper is a film of soaring patriotism and an ode to our courageous military. For too long Americans have lived with only two percent of the population losing arms and legs and dying so that the other ninety-eight percent can be safe and free. If we’re not going to copy the heroes of the military at least we can salute them.

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We must not call Charlie Hebdo killers 'terrorists', says BBC boss - Telegraph

Tarik Kafala, the head of BBC Arabic, says using the term 'terrorism' is too 'loaded'

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'Flags at half mast' order sparks furious public backlash

The reaction has been slammed by human rights organisations who said King Abdullah's rule saw regular public beheadings and floggings – and homosexuality punished by death.

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LA Public School Teaching Kids “Allah is the One True God”

If this spreads, America is screwed.

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Why Washington Should Declare War on ISIS - NationalJournal.com

The terrorist group has a bigger sanctuary, far more money, and is more indiscriminately murderous than al-Qaida was on Sept. 10, 2001.

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First American Suicide Bomber in Syria Featured in Video

The al-Nusra Front, a terrorist group in Syria, released a video of the first American to participate in a suicide attack in the war-torn country. Monar Mohammed Abu-Salha, 22, grew up in Florida and dropped out of college to join the jihad. In the video,