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House bill calls for US to refer officially to ‘Judea, Samaria,’ not ‘West Bank’

“The term ‘West Bank’ is used to delegitimize Israel’s historical claim to this land,” stated Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.).

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Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Ich bin a “Violent Settler”

Who is affected by Biden's Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions on Persons Undermining Peace, Security, and Stability in the West Bank?

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The Fraudulent Case Against ‘Violent Settlers’

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Israeli FM condemns ‘settler violence' narrative as ‘blood libel'

A Samaria Regional Council report found the U.N. massaged the numbers to present a false picture.

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Why Israel is entitled in law to the "West Bank"

On Tuesday, I took part in Times Radio’s breakfast show to discuss that day’s news with my fellow columnist Hugo Rifkind and presenters Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell.

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There is no such thing as an Israeli ‘settler’ in the West Bank

Jews meet the UN definition of indigenous people. Therefore, they are not “settlers,” and the places they live are not “settlements.” So why are there “Arab villages” but “Jewish settlements?”

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Palestinian cries of Israeli 'occupation' are an oxymoron

If Israel is “occupying” Arab territory, then Arab violence seems justified or at least understandable.

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What to Know About the Gaza Strip, Terrorist Rocket Attacks, and More | AJC

During the May 2021 conflict in Gaza, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired over 4,300 rockets at Israeli civilians. In August 2022, Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired over 1,100 rockets at Israelis during the three-day escalation, according to the Israe

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The ‘occupation’ myth is the engine of antisemitic terror

The biased reactions of U.N. officials and corporate media to attacks on Israelis as well as to disputes over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount are rooted in leftist lies about Zionism.

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HonestReporting – How European Union Funding of West Bank Activities Breaches Int’l Law & Undermines Peace

HonestReporting – How European Union Funding of West Bank Activities Breaches Int’l Law & Undermines Peace By Akiva Van Koningsveld In possibly its strongest rebuke of European Union policy to date, an official report released by Israel’s Intell

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Biden Administration to Restart Payments to Palestinians

In a move that tempts being illegal, the Biden administration has indicated it will resume US taxpayer-funded aid to the Palestinians...

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The New York Times uneasily admits that the "West Bank" is Judea

.The New York Times has an interesting article about Israelis managing to harvest dates from the famous Judean date palm, planted with seeds that are over 2000 years old:

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Why The West Bank Is Not ‘Palestinian’ Land

The community of Beit El in Judea and Samaria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. “Who can challenge the rights of the Jews …

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Report: Some Palestinians Voice Enthusiasm About Potential West Bank Annexation by Israel

Palestinians pass through an Israeli checkpoint near the West Bank city of Hebron, March 19, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Mussa …

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The Jewish people are not “settlers” in their own ancestral heartland

Why should 'peace' between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs require that Israel give its ancestral birthright for a mess of potage?

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Why young Europeans can’t understand Israeli settlers

Europe today is post-God, post-nationalism, post-family and post-Holocaust—and is therefore understandably at odds with the very concept of Israel.

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Former justice minister: Israel should begin annexing Area C without prior US approval

In order to realize the promise contained in the recently unveiled Middle East Peace Plan, Israel should begin annexing Area

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Don’t confuse me with facts: It’s always about the ‘occupation’

The American Jewish left has once again fallen in line with the Palestinian demand that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict always be conflated to a problem of “occupation,” regardless of facts or history.

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Israel needs to say categorically that enabling Jews to live in the West Bank is not a war crime

Israel needs to say categorically that enabling Jews to live in the West Bank is not a war crime.

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Must Read: The Myth of 'Occupied Palestine'

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that the United States will no longer consider Israel's settlements in the West Bank an inherent violation of international law. This policy shift comes in the wake of last week's ruling by the European

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The LA Times' Flawed Conversation on Settlements | HonestReporting

  The US put Israeli settlements back in the headlines after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Washington doesn't view them as illegal.

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The Trump Administration Is Absolutely Correct To Call Israeli ‘Settlements’ Legal

In a move that will only further buttress the Trump administration’s well-deserved claim to being the most pro-Israel American presidency since the 1948 founding of the Jewish state, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced today that it shall hence

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Victor Rosenthal - Ending the Occupation Without Destroying the Jewish State

Victor Rosenthal – Ending the Occupation Without Destroying the Jewish State Daniel Gordis’ latest article, provocatively titled “Occupation Über Alles,” quite correctly explains one of the main issues dividing Israel from progressive America

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UNPACKED - Palestinians of the West Bank | Settlements Part 4

UNPACKED – Palestinians of the West Bank | Settlements Part 4 This week, we’re looking at the Israeli settlements from another angle: the Palestinian perspective. We don’t (and can’t) speak for the Palestinians, and we’re not trying to tell

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UNPACKED - What are the Israeli Settlements? | Settlements Part 1

UNPACKED – What are the Israeli Settlements? | Settlements Part 1 There are few words more divisive in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than “settlements.” Some people believe Israelis have every right to live in the West Bank / J

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The story you will NEVER hear about on the mainstream media

It would ruin the media's agenda to demonize Israel!

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Did Arab Violence Really Start With the 'Occupation'? | HonestReporting

 Arab violence is frequently justified because of the "Naqba" of 1948 and the "occupation" of 1967. After all, they insist, Jews forced Arabs from

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The West Bank’s Unreported Forbidden Roads | CAMERA

Reuters asserts that Israeli settlers can drive through the West Bank 'without major restriction,' completely omitting the fact that Israelis are prohibited from entering

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Dershowitz: Trump's ambassador is right on Israel's annexation. His posturing, pro-Palestinian critics are wrong

David Friedman is right: International law supports Israel retaining some of the West Bank. I should know – I helped draft it.

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David Friedman gave Netanyahu half a nod for West Bank annexation. What happens next? - JTA

Settlement supporters welcomed the U.S. ambassador's remarks, but others predicted everything from a war crimes trial to war itself.

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First Stage of Trump's Middle East Peace Plan to Encourage Investment in West Bank, Gaza

The Trump administration will unveil its peace plan for Israel and the Palestinian people during an international conference ...

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Interview with Caroline Glick on the Trump Deal of the Century

In this interview, Caroline Glick outlined the key points that must be addressed in President Trump’s upcoming Deal of the Century peace plan.

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Everyone needs to know the truth about the West Bank - and here it is

People refer to the West Bank as "occupied." But is that even what it's called? Are the Jewish people occupying their own land? Here are all the answers!

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FDR's letter to the Palestine Pavilion at the World's Fair and the legality of Jewish settlements

n 1939, this letter by President Franklin Roosevelt was published by the organizers of the Palestine Pavilion at the New York World's Fair....

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Analysis: AIPAC's moment to step back from two-state solution

AIPAC conference registered a first. It invited to speak an official representative from across the Green Line. Will it signal a more open position by the pro-Israel lobbying giant toward the Arab-Israel conflict?

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Rashida Tlaib Lies About Her Grandmother So She Can Blame Israel

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich).. Photo: Screenshot. JNS.org – Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has a lot of “firsts” to her credit. …

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Florida governor goes after Airbnb over West Bank decision

Ron DeSantis calls for sanctions against the company to 'make them feel the heat,' saying their policy of delisting homes in settlements deliberately targets Jews

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Israel: Newsweek's Pathetic Fact-Checking Lynk Fail | HonestReporting

Newsweek has an unfortunate habit of publishing opinion pieces without even the most basic fact checking. A recent editorial by Michael Lynk, a UN Special


Motive in Question After Israeli Woman Killed by Palestinian Driver in West Bank | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.c

An Israeli woman in her 40s died on Thursday night after she was run over by a Palestinian vehicle in...

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How Palestinian Education and UNRWA Incitement Lead to Innocent Deaths | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

Teachers work hard to find real-life examples to help pique the interests of their skeptical students. Teachers in UNRWA schools...

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Luxury Alongside Poverty in the Palestinian Authority

In the Palestinian Authority, a surprising degree of luxury exists alongside poverty - Luxury Alongside Poverty in the Palestinian Authority - JCPA

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Are Israeli Settlements the Barrier to Peace? - Prager University

Is Israel's policy of building civilian communities in the West Bank the reason there's no peace agreement with the Palestinians? Or would there still be no peace even if Israel removed all of its settlements and evicted Israeli settlers, as it did in Gaz

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The Jewish Press » » You Know, Mom, This is the ‘West Bank’

I’ve been living in Israel, in Gush Etzion, in Efrat, since the end of August. I’m here because one daughter (YD) is studying in a seminary nearby (much more on that, later), and the other (OD) made Aliyah and is going into the IDF in December.

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Abbas rejects Egyptian offer to settle refugees in Sinai | The Times of Israel

PA leader tells Fatah gathering it is 'illogical' for Palestinian refugee problem to be solved at Egypt's expense

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Another MUST SEE - "THE NAZIS AND THE PALESTINIAN MOVEMENT" at http://vimeo.com/69991225 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjARZPAcATM Original video at ht...

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Abbas to seek UN deadline for Israeli West Bank withdrawal

Unnamed Palestinian officials say that if the international community refuses, PA will bring Israel to ICC