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WhatsApp’s New Communities Feature Is Group Messaging on Steroids

Whatsapp will now allow large group chats for specific topics or communities like an apartment building or a school.

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WhatsApp now won’t limit functionality if you don’t accept its new privacy policy

WhatsApp-owned Facebook has reversed course and now says that users who don’t accept its new privacy policy actually won’t see limited functionality over time.

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Yes, You Can Still Use WhatsApp—But Change These 3 Critical Settings First

While you don't need to quit WhatsApp—you do need to make these changes now...

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WhatsApp makes it easier to free up space with new storage management tool - The Verge

Freeing up storage space on WhatsApp can be tricky if you have lots of important chats on the app. That’s why the company is introducing a new storage management tool that makes it easier to identify and bulk delete wasteful content, like files that have

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WhatsApp will soon allow up to eight participants in a group call

WhatsApp currently allows only up to four people in a group voice or video call, but that number will soon be increased to eight.

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WhatsApp now has more than 2 billion users

WhatsApp announced today it has crossed the mark of 2 billion users today. It’s the second Facebook-owned service to achieve that milestone after the social network got to that number in 2017. The mobile messaging app was initially released in 2009, and w

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WhatsApp ends support for millions of smartphones around the world

WhatsApp no longer supports smartphones on Android versions 2.3.7 and older, and iOS 8 and older. Affected people will have to upgrade their OS or their device.

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How to secure your WhatsApp account from social hacking

It’s easy to secure your WhatsApp account with a six-digit PIN, so we’d suggest setting one up as soon as you get the chance. Then, if your SMS code ever falls into the wrong hands, they won’t be able to sign in to your account.

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Facebook backs off plan to plaster ads all over WhatsApp - The Verge

Facebook is "backing away" from earlier plans to sell ads for placement inside its enormously popular WhatsApp messaging service. According to The Wall Street Journal, the team that had been working on building ads into WhatsApp was disbanded in

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WhatsApp hidden features: Five tricks that you must know

WhatsApp keeps adding a bevy of features and updates to provide its customers with a smooth messaging experience.Here are some of the best and lesser-known features that you should try out now

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WhatsApp is suing an infamous spyware vendor for allegedly hacking its users - The Verge

WhatsApp is suing notorious spyware vendor NSO Group, saying the company was actively involved in hacking users of the encrypted chat service owned by Facebook. WhatsApp head Will Cathcart announced the suit in a Washington Post opinion article.

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WhatsApp confirms that ads will start appearing in the app in 2020 – BGR

You know that one episode of Black Mirror where everyone can't even go to sleep without watching an ad that covers their entire bedroom? Well, we're one step closer to that reality today, as Facebook has confirmed that ads will arrive in its app as part o

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WhatsApp co-founder: 'I sold my users' privacy' with Facebook acquisition - CNET

Brian Acton had also tweeted in March that users should "#deletefacebook," as the social network dealt with its Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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How to use Whatsapp as a Business Tool: 3 Easy Tips

Whether you own a restaurant or a toy store, WhatsApp can be your best business buddy.

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WhatsApp straight up copies Snapchat's drawings and stickers

The latest WhatsApp Android beta is adding a number of new features that should make sharing images with your friends a bit more fun – and a lot more like Snapchat. Android Police noted that the latest Android beta of the app introduces the ability to d

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WhatsApp is now free and promises to stay ad-free | The Verge

WhatsApp is dropping its subscription fees to access the popular messaging service. WhatsApp introduced the fees a few years ago, forcing new users to pay an annual 99 cents subscription after the...

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Facebook explains why it needs Instagram, WhatsApp, AND Messenger - Business Insider

In a panel discussion at this week's Facebook F8 developer event, the head honchos behind Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram sat down to explain why the social network owns and operates three apps that compete with its own core business.

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Messaging mania has shocked tech leaders twice - in 1994 and again now

One of the most unanticipated developments surrounding mobile phones is the fact that people don't really want to use them to talk to each other. They want to use them to send messages. This phenom...