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To Tell Someone They’re Wrong, First Tell Them They’re Right

A philosopher’s 350-year-old trick to get people to change their minds is now backed up by psychologists.

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One woman dominated the awards at a Virginia county fair. The internet went wild : NPR

The internet went wild after the Virginia-Kentucky District Fair shared that Linda Skeens dominated the competition. Mason Mousette, a radio host at HOT 93.3 in Dallas, was determined to find her.

Politics | The SCOTUS

SCOTUS Reins in the Power of the EPA

SCOTUS delivered a ruling on a case involving the power of the EPA to regulate entire industries in the name of climate change.

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MORE WINNING: Court Strikes Down NY Law Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote

The New York State Supreme Court delivered a crushing blow to the Democrats’ power grab in New York City, ruling that non-citizens cannot vote in local elections....

Politics | Donald Trump

President Trump Caps Off Successful Week By Outpacing Jobs Expectations

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any better for President Donald Trump, government figures released Friday show that the administration, again, outpaced jobs expectations. In the month of January, 225,000 jobs were added, according to La

Politics | Donald Trump

White House announces killing of founder and leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – twitchy.com

Even more winning this week, and it's only Thursday.

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

Israeli Electric Company Ends Power Cuts to West Bank After Palestinians Pay Debt

A view shows Palestinian houses as an Israeli power distribution plant is seen in the background in Hebron in the …

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How to Win an Argument with Your Liberal Relatives

Fight back this season - with this guide to help Trump supporters win arguments with liberal friends, relatives, and snowflakes they encounter during the holidays.

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Should You Let Your Child Win at Monopoly?

Losing at games can teach children how to recover from failure. Experts say not to throw the match after a child has reached age 4.