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'At least 40 babies killed': Foreign reporters taken to massacre site in Kfar Aza | The Times of Israel

With terrorists' bodies still lying in the grass, international press witnesses firsthand the shocking aftermath of Hamas's slaughter of Israeli civilians

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Beyond “I Am Sorry”

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Beyond “I Am Sorry” During these ten Days of Repentance, we are urged again and again to turn to others with these three words: “Please Forgive Me” or “I am Sorry.” They are important, of course, but not the mos

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Twitter lashes out at ‘sociopath’ bagels sliced like bread

This is wrong — any way you slice it. A highly offensive photo of bagels, sliced as though they were loaves of bread, is spreading controversy across the internet. The man behind this crumby outrag…

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Munich shooting: Gunman targeted children outside McDonald's restaurant in shopping centre rampage - as footage emerges of suspect cursing foreigners on fifth anniversary of Anders Breivik attack

Munich police are hunting for a possible three gunmen who they believe have carried out an attack at a shopping centre and McDonalds restaurant.